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my name is Simone im 25 in i love anime i hate ppl but i love to meet new ppl at the same time if u get what im saying lol. my username will its easy to read and i dont have to keep telling ppl my name when they can already see it lol i was being lazy. @hikaymm
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@KiNg4LiFe hows its going
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@SimoneSanders awesome life is good if you count not having feelings theeeeeen yep its good
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@KiNg4LiFe lol thats good but im sure ppl have feelings just dont kno how to show it good maybe hell as long as ur good we good lol
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@SimoneSanders thx for the speech馃槅
a year agoReply
lol @KiNg4LiFe. u r very welcome
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