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Hello Vinglers! Me and the Fan Art Crew @alexcattura @watermage @tylor619 & @BlackoutZJ have decided to make a new awesome segment for Monday's which is....

Man Crush Monday's!❤

Each Monday the Crew and I will have a new theme and Man crush posted! And we all know we have like 200 Man Crushes xD so it wont be so hard to do!

To start off easy... today will be a nice Normal MCM!

My Man Crush is... Howl from Howls Moving Castle!❤ I absolutely love Howl... His Magic, Charm and His Eyes! *Sighs* He's so hot too! cx Howl is my MCM for sure just looks at this cutie!

So who is your MCM?! (Dont forget to tag us & Make sure to post it in the Fan Art Community!)


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@TaylorPriddy Right so cute!
@AimeBolanos I feel like your trying to rip my soul apart I can choose one dude it's impossible for meh T^T
@KageTsuki040910 TuT I know how you feel... That's why It's not just for today but for every Monday now!
@KageTsuki040910 So you dont have to chose just one🙌