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Sorry it took a while to write this!! Hope you enjoy!!
You and Mark have been dating for a month now and your guys are so close. But, he going on tour with the rest of GOT7, and you won't be able to see him for a couple months. You get a call from Mark. "Hey babe", he says. "Hey, did you land in Hong Kong yet?", you ask. "Ya, I just landed a couple minutes ago and I knew that I had to call you. Listen~". Before Mark could finish the sentence you see the rest of GOT7. "Hey Y/N!!!!", Jackson yells. You say hey back. Today was the day you go back to work to work on your new song. And this time, its more easier. The day of your comeback (5 months later) You get ready to preform your song, and GOT7 just got back from their tour and you were able to see Mark which made you so happy. You go on stage and preform, and you win an award already for the song. Which is really shocking! But when you were preforming, you think that you sprained your ankle, which you did. You text Mark about it and he shows up a couple minutes after you send the text. "OMG are you okay?", Mark questions. You nod. Mark looks down at your ankle which is purple and swollen. He looked really worried. He just leaves.... You don't know why...