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Hi everyone mine real name is sasha and am 15 years old. I started vingle about a year ago, I wanted to find a community of anime lovers like myself. The reason for my username is because that's my online alias, and that's what I have used almost 2 years now( 18 is my favorite number so I added it to my username). so I hope that gave some insight on myself. if you want to do the anime intro the days and list is on the next page
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Hi and I Also Started Vingle About A Year Ago
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@MiyukiKawaii I like the app it's really nice to have so many people who share the same interests
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@AmarisHoruko18 same i also meet good poeple here at vingle i really love it
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@MiyukiKawaii yeah am glad I got involved there are a lot of nice people on here
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