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My name is Andy, but my nickname is Booker(Cuz i love bioshock infinite) Disclaimer if you want s quick sum up of my personality check my bio by tapping my username @ashchrimson with that being said hope you enjoy ☺ Who am I? Im a shy artist and kinda philosophical as i have time to think about world problems and learn more about this planet we call home. Like i said im shy and never dated anyone my whole life haha. @simplyawkward can tell you once your my friend im open. I have a dark humour. (this week I'll post more cuz these challenges will show more about myself) I love cartoons, im open to new things. I love anime. Why the name Ash Chrimson? Cuz hes my favourite fighter in any videogame. He's just awesome No wonder hes the King Of Fighters( thats the name of the game)
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Ello new nakama
a year ago·Reply
Do you speak Spanish? @AshChrimson
a year ago·Reply
@KageTsuki040910 yea its my second language
a year ago·Reply
Cool! Another Spanish speaker! It's actually my first language @AshChrimson
a year ago·Reply