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Hi Guys It's Me MiyukiKawaii Desu. Today Or Should I Say This Week Is That My Good Friend @hikaymm Tag Me It To This Event Called Nakama Weekly Into's Well I Kind Of Excited To Do All Of The Questions This Week. Now I Will Tell You What This Even For Well Its Basically Is That Many Of Us Don't Know Each Other And Their Is A Lot Of People We Haven't Got A Chance To Learn More Of Many Awsome People Here At Vingle. This Way We Can All Get Closer And Have A Better Anime Community. So The Goal This Week Is That @hikaymm And The Anime Support Team Is That They A Questions That We Will Answer Through This Week. Each Week There Is A Challenge I'm Very Excited And I Think I'm Going To struggle In Some Questions.
Now Let's Get Started!! Monday: Who Are You And Why Did You Pick Your Username? Well I'm A 14 Years Old Girl Who Loves Anime, Yaoi And Also K-Pop Because Of My Sister lol. I Srated Watching Anime When I Was 8 Years Old The First Anime I've Watched Is Sailor Moon And After That I Found More Awsome Anime . I Have 5 Siblings My Older Sister Is In The Philippines And I Also Have 3 Step Sisters. I Will Be In High School As A Freshmen And Hoping To Make Friends So My High School Life Is Not Boring And Hoping I Will Be Not A Loner Again -.-. I'm Half Pilipino Half Chinese My First Dad Is Half Pilipino Half Chinese And My Second Dad Is Half Pilipino Half American. I Move Here In Hawaii In 2014 Of July. I Like To Draw And Edited Pictures, I Also Have A YouTube Channel (Miyuki45 Gaming) Cuz I'm A Gamer . I Used The Username MiyukiKawaii Because I Can't Think Of Any And I Always Used The Name "Miyuki" For My Username On The Game I Just Put "Kawaii" So It Will Be Kind Of Different This Time . Well As You Can See I'm Suck At Introducing Myself And I Hope You Like This Card And Now You Know About Me Let's Get Along And Just Be Friends .
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