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Hiya, Breeze here! So here's part two! I'm so grateful for all the support I've received, I can't thank you all enough! I hope this chapter is better. Please keep letting me know what you think!! Love you guys! Authors note: I had a few friends read this before uploading it and they all said the same thing. There's a certain part in here about your job. It goes super in depth, almost to the point where it seems pointless. But! I assure you, it will come into play in another chapter. So don't get bored just yet! :) Part one :
"Hey y/n, its Namjoon." You read the message over and over in your head, tears threatening to spill from your tired eyes. Your thoughts were so jumbled that thinking straight was impossible. This couldn't be real, Namjoon must have dropped the letter and someone picked it up, deciding to text you and mock your desperation. But what if it is real? How do you respond? Do you respond at all? Just when you were starting to come back to reality, your fingers took over. "It's not nice to prank people you know!" You sent the message without thinking twice. You decided it was fine as you slipped your phone in the waist band of your shorts and walked to the kitchen. You grabbed a snack and sat on the couch. Turning on the tv, you decided to watch a movie, knowing that you couldn't sleep until your nerves settled. A few minutes later you hear your phone ding. "Damn, now I owe Yoongi ten bucks! He swore you wouldn't believe me. Hm how can I prove it to you?" You sat there in disbelief. You wanted to believe that it was really Namjoon. But your heart wouldn't let you. Why on earth would Kim Namjoon, famous leader of one of the most popular and successful kpop boy groups in the world, text you of all people. He met hundreds of fans today. Why you? The sound of your phone snaps you out of your thoughts. You look to see you received a picture. You open the message and as you realize what it was, your stomach does flips to the beat of your racing heart. It was a picture of Namjoon smiling brightly, holding a piece of paper that had your name written on it. "Oh my god! It is him!" You whisper out loud. Your phone goes off one final time. "No, that's no good. Who's to say that isn't photoshopped, hm? How about I read you something from your letter?" He goes on to send you what he said was his favorite part of your hand written letter because it was so honest and raw. You already knew in your heart that it was the real Namjoon you were talking to. You quickly apologized for not believing him. Lost in your thoughts yet again, your fingers subconsciously did work on your keyboard. "Don't get me wrong, I'm so thankful that you messaged me, and I don't want to come off as disrespectful, but why? You can't tell me this is the first number you've gotten from a fan. Why would you risk your image like this? I know I'm nothing special." Not even a minute goes by before you receive a reply. " Y/n, don't say such things! Every fan is special to us! You're right, this is a strange turn of events. We've all gotten plenty of numbers, email addresses, snapchats, as well as other things that I don't really want to mention from fans. But your letter was so open and honest, it made all seven of us tear up. Even our manager Hyung came in to read it. He got more emotional than ive ever seen him! I told him i wanted to personally contact you, and to our surprise, he said it was okay. If im being honest, had he said no, I would have done it anyway. Rebel over here! I knew I was taking a risk in messaging you, but with the way you were so quick to open up to us, knowing that you could face rejection, I felt some sort of trust. I needed to know more about you." At that, you couldn't hold back your tears any longer. You cried for a few minutes feeling emotions you couldn't describe if you tried. All you could manage to type was a simple Thank you. You sat there, tears running down you reddened cheeks, in complete disbelief. You were happy, nervous, and terrified all at once. So much so, that you had to fight the urge to vomit. In the years that you've known about bts, you've hardcore fangirled more times than you could count. But this, this was different. You were actually talking to Kim Namjoon. You were freaking out so bad, you gave yourself an uncomfortable mix between a panic and anxiety attack. Once you finally calmed down and caught your breath, you realized that your phone had gone off again. "Please don't thank me. I'm the one who should be thanking you. All of us should. I'm glad you're willing to give me a chance!" he wrote, followed by a ridiculous amount of smiley faces. He then sent a second message. "Listen, I know you're probably exhausted from the show today. So now that I proved I'm the real me, go get some sleep, okay? I don't want you getting sick over me. We'll talk more soon! I promise." You felt touched that he seemed genuinely concerned about your health. You didn't want to go to bed, but you remembered that you had to go to work in the morning. So you agreed. "As much as I want to fight it, you're right. And I have to work tomorrow. So I guess I'll go lay back down. Thank you again, I'll never be able to say that enough. And even if you never message me again, I could hold onto this and be happy. Goodnight Namjoon! I hope to hear from you soon. Tell the rest of the boys I said goodnight ^.^" You locked your phone and placed it back against your hip. Turning the tv off and placing your dishes in the sink, you make your way through your silent, dimly lit apartment and crawl back in bed. Your phone dings one last time before you set it down and drift into a deep, dreamless sleep. "I will. Sleep well y/n! And have a great day at work. I look forward to getting to know you." ~The next morning. Your alarm jerks you awake. You lay there for a few minutes re reading the messages from a just hours earlier. You felt the need to read them over and over again to prove to yourself that it wasn't a dream. You finally decide to get up and get ready for work. You see that y/f/n had left early, being sure to leave you a note to wake up to. "y/n, thanks so much for letting me come to the concert with you! and for letting me crash at your place. I had to leave early so I could get to class, but I'll talk to you later! I can't wait to hear if RapMon gets back to you! Love you bff! - y/f/n" You smile, thinking about this new little secret you had, knowing you couldn't share. You weren't even upset, you felt excited knowing that in a way, you had Namjoon all to yourself. In a way that no other fan had ever experienced. You smiled even bigger, feeling genuinely special for the first time. You decided to skip a shower since you took one last night. You finish your bowl of your favorite breakfast cereal, place the dish in the sink, then move on to wash your face and get changed for work.
You were the head dance teacher/ choreographer at a huge dance studio near you. When you werent teaching classes, you were writing choreo for tons of different artists. Your dances had been featured in many popular music videos. You loved your job for so many reasons. Not only did you get to work in a fun, open environment every day and teach people of all ages something new, but you also got to see first hand the interest and determination other people shared for learning one of the only things you feel completly comfortable and confident in. On top of the joy you get from working, the company also gave you tons of opportunities to travel and teach at their other gyms around the world. Through your employer, you visited places you had only hoped you would get to see one day. Your favorite so far was Sydney, Australia. The only rules you were given were that, you had to be at the gym for at least two hours every day, and that you had to hold one class a week. Your plane tickets were paid for, as well as a place to stay, and an allowance for living costs like food and transportation. You arrived to work around 10:30. You were opening the gym today, and you had a class at noon. You opened the door and turned all the lights on, then went to the office to mark down the time you arrived so your boss knew. You always stretched with the students, so you didn't want to do it before hand. To kill time, you blared your music through the speaker and cleaned up a bit. A few hours later, your dance students started arriving early. Since the lesson couldn't start until everyone was there, you sat and talked for a bit while you waited for the last few people. Once it looked like no one else was coming, you stood and took roll. Calling out the names one by one from the sheet in front of you. Each person said hi or here, and raised their hand in response. When you were finished, you stood at the large mirror wall in the front of the room facing the crowd sitting at your feet, and introduced yourself. Every month or so your period with a class ended, so you get a fresh group of faces. Since they were new, you did your best to make them feel like they were at home. "What's up guys!? You can call me y/n, and I'll be your dance teacher and friend for the next few weeks. Were all family here, so I want you to feel completely comfortable. The only rule here is, don't show up if you're not willing to have fun. We work hard, but never too hard. If you're not open to my fun methods of learning, it will be that much harder to memorize the routines. Now if you're in my class, its because you're not new to dance. I'm the head choreographer here, so I don't do easy moves. If you ever feel like the dance is too difficult, or if you're having trouble with something specific, come to me after class and we can set up a private lesson! Okay now, since we're all gonna be getting pretty close in the time were here, I want to do a cliche warm up activity before we stretch. I'm gonna go down the list, and when you're name is called, tell the group some things about you that you think are important. Anything your heart desires! I'll start! My name is Your/Full/Name, and I obviously love to dance! I'm super easy to talk to, so you can always come to me with things dance related or not. Think of me as your own personal guidance counselor. I listen to all types of music including rap, dub step, pop, metal, and my favorite, kpop! I'll be incorporating all of those genres, and many more into class. I don't specialize in slow dancing, but every month, when the group is nearly done with my classes, we split into couples and all work together to create a slow, more intimate routine. So that's what there is to know about me and my class! Monica, your next girl!" You finished your speech and sat on the floor with the rest of the class, carefully listening to what each person said, getting to know them in your own way. When everyone finished, you led the group in warm ups and stretches. You then had everyone step back so you could show them the first routine they would be learning. You pressed play on your phone and Exo's Monster started bumping through the room. You ran through the dance you wrote in a carefree manner, letting the music take control of your body. When you finished, you started teaching the class the first few moves with what little time you had left. Your coworker came to watch, letting you know it was almost time to close down. You praised all your students for a great first day and walked around the room as they said their goodbyes. When the class cleared out, you made small talk with your coworker as you gathered your things. "So how was your day off yesterday? Did you have a good time at the concert? I saw some of your pictures and it looked like it was a lot of fun! You were totally up close and personal!" Your coworker loved to talk, so you quickly cut the conversation short and started your walk home. The cool air of your hometown soothing your hot, sticky skin. You were lost in your thoughts like usual when your phone vibrates from inside your bag. You dig through and pull it out. Your mouth transformed to a smile so big it hurt when you saw that you received a message from Namjoon. "Hey y/n! I added you on snapchat. Its a secret account so fans don't find me. The name is Monstermon94. I figured at least then the other members and I could see your pretty face every once in a while. Hope your having a good day, and eating well!" You couldn't control your giggle as it escaped your lips out onto the quiet street. You carefully came up with a response, wanting to sound as calm as possible. The last thing you wanted was for him to see how crazy of a fangirl you really were. "Hey Namjoon oppa! I just got finished with work, walking home now. I'll add you back when I get there! My pretty face? Please I'm the one who's excited. Exclusive never before seen pictures of Bangtan? I could be fangirling, but you'll never know!" you reply in a teasing manner. Satisfied with your response, you shove your phone back in your bag and continue your walk home.
You finally make it to your apartment and quickly get settled in. Pulling your phone back out of your bag, you go to check your Snapchat straight away. Sure enough you have a new friend. You click the little plus next to the name as if it was no big deal, then set your phone down and do some cleaning before you get too tired. Once you were finished with that, you take a quick shower and get ready for bed. With your teeth brushed, and your hair in a loose braid, you fall to the couch with a loud *plop*. You decide to watch a few videos on YouTube before going to bed. Just as you hit play, your phone vibrates in your hand. Another text from Namjoon. "What are you up to? Busy? I thought maybe we could talk on the phone since I'm not that great at typing in English." he says with a blushing emoji. You smile and giggle to yourself, agreeing with his statement. His english was great, but his texts were almost impossible to understand. With the typos on top of words where they shouldn't be, or just the wrong words all together. You reply with a simple sure, warning him that you're awkward and quiet on the phone. A few minutes pass and your phone starts to play your ringtone. You stare at it for a moment, giving yourself a silent pep talk for the awkwardness you were sure was about to arise. You take a deep breath and answer. "Hello?" you say, your heart races as you feel your cheeks already burning. "Hey y/n! Its good to hear your voice again!" he replys in a cheery voice. You can practically hear the smile on his face. The two of you talked for what felt like hours, but you couldn't be bothered to take your attention off the conversation to look at the time. You were awkward at first, constantly having to cover the microphone so he didn't hear your giggles. But the sound of Namjoon voice was soothing in a way. Hearing him talk to you and only you kept you from freaking out. He quickly demolished the wall of discomfort and awkwardness you had up, and before you knew it, you were talking more than him, as if you'd been friends forever. You made jokes and laughed together, blushed as he told you the members were trying to embarrass him by saying things like "We can't wait until the day she's here hanging with us all the time!" "Namjoon and y/n would be the cutest couple!", "omg think about how cute and badass the kids would be!", "*laughing hysterically* OMG look at Namjoon hyungs face! He's blushing". Then losing your composure yourself and laughing hard at the things Namjoon mutters under his breath as you hear him switch rooms. The two of you talk about everything, and nothing. He asked what you did for work, and he listened silently as you told him how passionate you were and how much you loved your job. You pictured what it would look like if he was with you in this moment. You would be sitting cross legged, spilling your guts on how passionate you were for dance, as he would sit across from you, head in hands, staring into your soul and taking in every word you quietly spoke. He talked about how he loved songwriting, and reading books. He even told you how he finds inspiration in his fans more often than anything else. You were listening to Namjoon speak, and when it was your turn, your voice was soft and tired. Namjoon could tell so he suggested that you hang up. You fought it so hard, bickering cutely back and forth, but you eventually lost the fight. Namjoon giggled, teasing you that he won. "Hey I really enjoyed talking to you. There's so much more to you than what you wrote in that letter. You're a novel in comparison. But I have to say, I could listen to you talk forever y/n." You giggled and said awe at his remark, not knowing how to take it seriously. After a moment of silence you said "Kim Namjoon you are insane. If I'm a novel, I must be the most poorly written, boring trash ever published. But I thank you anyway. Truly. No one has ever compared me to something so beautiful. And I can honestly say that your voice is more amazing up close like this than any video. It makes me happy to hear you talk. Even if you only spoke in Korean, I would learn just so I could understand your words. Your voice gives me chills and constant smiles every time I hear it."   You suddenly realize that not only are you crying and he can without a doubt hear it in your voice, but you're also babbling. "Shit I'm sorry, I got too far in my head. And now I'm babbling. ahh shut up y/n. okay I'm done now." you quickly say to end your hopeless rant. You snuggle up in your bed with your phone still against your ear, patiently waiting for a voice on the other side. You finally hear a deep chuckle that you've quickly come to love. Namjoon sighs loudly, saying that you should be a poet. You only smile into your phone, feeling as if he's doing the same on the other side. "Goodnight Jagi. I will continue reading the novel of you another time. But now you need to rest. I will tell the boys you said goodbye, don't worry." You make a noise in protest, but he shoots you down and continues. "Ah I don't want you to make excuses! From what I've learned during this phone call, you're great at that. No, now you need to sleep! We'll have plenty of time to talk, my little fangirl. As long as you keep calm and stop crying. I see enough of that every time I walk on stage." He says in a teasing manner. You whimper and sniffle dramatically, sounding as if you're about to cry, teasing him back "No I'm just kidding, I can already tell that being a fan of Bangtan isn't the most interesting thing about you. I look forward to trying to discover your other qualities, if you'll let me. Just not tonight. Now stop making me sound like a father and go get your rest! Okay?" You both break out in a laugh at that remark. You smile weakly, finally accepting your defeat. "Goodnight Namjoon oppa. I will sleep well."
Yes! Part two!! I had some trouble writing this part because I just wanted to get right into things. But I decided I would make this more of a filler so it flows in a more realistic way. Anyway I hope you guys like it! Please keep supporting me! ^.^ ❤ Tag List: @AngelaDarkness @EverieMisfit @loljan17 @MaritessSison @usagichan20104  @XionHeart
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