So with Big Bang I crack ship basically all the members with each other, it's cute. Sometimes I think that Nyongtory is probably real on SOME level because of how much it seems Seungri craves GD's attention. However! This card will be dedicated to the ship that I 100% believe is real, without a doubt. I'm waiting for the day they get married, guys. It's gonna happen. Just watch, I'll be sitting back and laughing saying "I told you so" to everyone. . _ . Not really but they'd make the cutest swaggiest babies ever. What? Who am I talking about? You don't know about Skydragon!? Well let's see then!

That's right! It's the King and the Queen! G-Dragon x CL, baby!

They look so good together, right!? Hot people with hot people is so... hot. #poetic


Well I kinda am...

@CosmicCassidy hey, bestie :3

Try and tell me there's nothing in the way they look at each other. I dare you.

They're proud to be by each other's side, just look at em! And on another hand, GD x CL performances are some of the most turnt scenes I've ever had the blessing to see.

Yo, look at that. LOOK AT THAT! I'm dying. Someone tell GD he can skip the confession step and go straight to proposal. I need this to happen.

Yes, yes, yes. Kiss her! JUST DO IT!

Yaaaaassss! *feels die and I along with them from overexertion*

Join me, in this mission to get these two married. Or just squee over their moments. Ya know, either way.

This was fun, I got to fangirl like a crazy person. I just... I love love and that's love in my eyes.
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This ia beautiful... I love them both♡♡♡♡
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@lovetop ;D me too! obviously haha
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