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Firstly, I am making this card because many people that I got into Kpop constantly ask me.. What's a sasaeng? Why do people hate them so much? What's your stand point on them? Do they bother you a lot? Do you worry a lot?
I honestly don't understand sasaengs. Like yeah we all want oppa or our bias to notice us...But there are lines. Lemme give you some tips on how not to be a complete psycho.
1. Instead of chasing your bias in a taxi, stay at home. You have your wifi, food, your bed... AND your bias won't be pissed at you for fangirling hardcore within your own home!!
2. If you ever meet your bias, don't be cray cray and slap him. Just be a little 4D.. So instead of saying hi just say rawr:3 (it means I love you in dinosaur and trust me he will remember you.. How do I know? WELL, THAT'S A WHOLE OTHER STORY^^ ThatIMayOrMayNotTellYou...)
3. Instead of waiting for your bias outside their home to go to their next schedule, shouldn't you be waiting at the door of their next concert venue?? Lines get totally long, and then you get shoved;-; So be smart and get to the lines early!
4. Just have common sense and act with reason. -Don't carve your biases name in your arm, or your hand...That's creepy. If you really want your skin to be permanently scarred with his name...get a tattoo..And if you aren't old enough, well...Guess you gon hafta wait. But even still, I feel like having his name in a tattoo is still a little creepy anyways..Just me? Although it is healthier to get a tattoo instead of cutting.
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I for once DO NOT want to get involved with this kind of CRAZINESS. Thankyou !
@AnnieGoodman Yes it has happened. The one that I know of is JYJ's Yoochun. She had explained later on that she had hit him to be remembered by him.
I wouldn't do anything like that to anyone. Although, I must say, I do want to have my biases in tattoo form. But it's not like I'd have one person's name....I want to get one for Shinee and have a few of their songs that have meant a lot to me and helped me. I think in that way it isn't all that creepy. Maybe...?
@AlyssaGelet818 That's what I think too:)
These people make my blood boil! I'm going to write the two sasaeng stories I remember the most: (From the artist's perspective) I don't remember who was the actual artist but I remember him saying that he had just finished a show and was heading towards his car and a fan tackled him to the ground giving him and herself really bad injuries (I am pretty sure he needed stitches on his head). When why has she done that she said "I wanted him to remember me even if it's a bad memory" (poor guy) (f