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{NIW} Day 1: Who Am I? why did I pick my username?
Hello my name is Nayna you can pronounce it Na-e-na • My username neevp is qveen (queen) :/ why? well I don't know xD I just don't like the idea of having a Amine character name because is hard to pick one /.\
• I like Anime Duh xD + Marvel and DC
I Like to... • Readplay video gamesDraw

Soo, who are you?

and why did you pick your username? Check out @hikaymm card HERE
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@Alcides13 Lol /.\ @SymoneBelcher Haaaii @MimmiBumble01 Aww /.\ ^-^ @LorettaHon Sup ♡
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@JessieDelValle Hello :I @Alcides13 what do you mean? /.\
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Nice to meet cha @neevp
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Elloooo fellow Nakama
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