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Who are you and why did you pick your username??? Well I have already introduced myself so I briefly reintroduce myself then will move on to the second part of that question... I am a 26 year old female, I have been watching anime since I was 14 and I live mostly alone (my dad lives here but is usually at his gf's house)... I have been described as cold and heartless by people I don't know well and who don't know me well but when I warm up to someone I am very affectionate... And I absolutely love and believe in mermaids... Hence the title Tsundere Mermaid... I am a writer and so this desired a penname like many of the great writers before me... Samuel Clements was Mark Twain etc... As I was extremely into the Japanese culture back in 2011 when I first started going by this name I looked for a female Japanese name that would go with the Japanese word for heart (Kokoro)... I found Takara which means treasure and my Japanese pen pal at the time suggested putting them together with ”no” in the middle... Explaining that in her language they read right to left, Kokoro should come first and Takara should come last... In the end she told me that KokoroNoTakara means "treasure of the heart" which is perfect as I am a romance writer and would hope that someday my writing is treasures of my readers hearts... Sounds cheesy doesn't it??? But though I act cold I am a passionate person... Guess cheesy is in my blood...
And now for tagging my usual peeps... This is my Anime tag list... Please leave a comment saying if you want to be added to this list!!! Or if you wish to be taken off the list... I am OCD so tags are listed alphabetically... I will respond to your comment to let you know you have been added!!! Changes will occur from next card on!!! A: @amobigbang B: C: @ctrs1 D: E: F: G: H: @hikaymm I: J:  @jealousshota K: @KageTsuki040910, @kpopandkimchi L: @LorettaHon M: @MadAndrea N: @nimm14 O: P: @PASCUASIO, @PrincessUnicorn Q: R:  S: @SimplyAwkward, @SugaOnTop T: U: V: @VeronicaArtino, @VixenViVi, @VKookie47 W: X: Y: Z:
HELLO!!!! I like the way u put it in alphabetical order lol
Nice card Koko-san
@SymoneBelcher Hi!!! @nimm14 Yay!!! Thanks!!!
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