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So today is the start of the Nakam Intro Week and today's question is "Who are you & Why did you pick your username?". So sit back and listen to the story of me I guess....
This is me. A strange humanoid from the planet Derp..... Jk (≧▽≦) My names Mikayla. I am an 18 year old freshman in college, I'm majoring in History and English. I want to travel the world and write stories about what I see. Thats my dream (☆▽☆) I started watching anime when I was in middle school, when my friend introduced me to Black Butler, but my all time favorite anime is One Piece. My favorite genes in anime are action, adventure, horror, and comedy. I love writing, drawing, swimming, playing softball, and playing the violin. I like to think that I'm funny, but hey everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I might be sightly obsessed with music, but who isn't. I don't go anywhere with out my headphones. And that's me I guess.
When I was young I watched this movie and fell in love with the name Nim, but I liked it better with two M's. So that's the basis of the nimm part of my username. I've used this for some other sites, ever since I was 14, hence the 14 part. And that's my username. @hikaymm
Nice to meet cha fellow Nakama
Yo, noice to meet another humanoid
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