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Ello Cool Peeps!

Reporter Taemi here! Our main man Ravi is at it again! He will be releasing a new solo track! July 9th, Jellyfish Entertainment revealed that the rapper would be the next featured artist for its own music channel, Jelly Box. Ravi’s upcoming solo track “DamnRa” will also feature SAM&SP3CK, who are both DJs and producers. The song will most likely have electronic influences, as that is what SAM&SP3CK is known for.
This release also marks Ravi’s newest track following his mixtape, “R.EBIRTH". His mixtape is so good! it's lit!!! :) Give it a try, if you haven't listened to it yet!
There's not a lot of information on SAM&SP3CK, all I know is that they are DJs and producers! Just in case if anyone is curious about them, here is their official Facebook account! 》 SAM&SP3CK
OK moving right along! On July 10th, Jellyfish Entertainment has shared a lyrics teaser for Ravi’s upcoming track, which reveals that Ravi co-composed and arranged the song with SAM&SP3CK, and wrote the lyrics himself. Of course he did! he's so talented!
On July 11th, A teaser image for Ravi’s upcoming track “DamnRa” has now been released! ayye! #Squad !!! looking good!
On July 12 at midnight KST, Ravi dropped a performance teaser for his solo track "DamnRa", which will be put out as the next release from Jellyfish Entertainment’s music channel Jelly Box. The video gives us a glimpse of the intense and powerful choreography for the song. Check it out below!

Wooow Ravi looks so hot! So far, it sounds good! I can't wait to hear the whole thing!

DamnRa will be released on July 14th, at 12 a.m. KST. Are you guys looking forward to Ravi's solo track? What are your thoughts? Comment down below!


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