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How I feel when people insult my bias groups or bias

Despite being a long time K-Pop fan, I only have 2 favorite groups right now. One doesn't get much hate as the other. But when I see unnecessary hate when the group wasn't even mentioned makes me sad-mad. I even cry because it's not their fault that their company doesn't promote them well. So saying they don't matter and they are invisible hurts me. It hurts me that people even dare compare them with their seniors. They're trying to make their own name with their own music and you have to be so damn mean? I hate that this happens. I want to be mean too and I can be. So I try not to fight it for the sake of my fandom (most of which I don't know). Just don't do it with any groups. I know we do, so if you're going to do it don't be so harsh. If you don't have anything nice to say please don't say it at all. It's not just here. It's anywhere.
Thank you ~ Love someone who will always say positive things to keep good vibes
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