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NCT 127 & The SM Family

For real i already have BTS at my window and EXO is about to make me R.I.P......then here NCT comes with some hyperactive, emotion jerking, spirit grooving music!!!.....and the worst part i told my self i was gonna stay away from stanning all of SM's im a YG and SM stan....... and both combined is way too much for one person to handle, but i love it even though they are about to kill me.

The first line and the music got me.
idek why but this had me feeling all types of emotions

and then we have none other than who .....

my bias is Sehun....Baekhyun and Chanyeol please stay in your respective places!
i have no comment for shinee!!
Taeyeon is trying to knock Sunny out of my bias range too... like for real girl! No. No. No.

Who do you guys stan?

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