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Hello friend hunams. this is day one of who is me. along with the rest of the supports group allow me to introduce myself.
my name is Gabriel and I live in Washington state. I love it here lots of green and water and life. I originally grew up in New Mexico and moved to Washington in 2007. I have visited about 2/3rds of the USA so far and plan on finishing seeing everything soon. I work as an asm for AT&T. so why my username? well its a long tale I will summarize. I needed a username when I was in collage and my two favorite games at the time were final fantasy 7 and 8. if you can guess the name you win a chu. if not you win a chu anyway.
my user name is the first letter of the leads from ff7 and 8. cloud tifa squall and rinoa. and the number 1 cause I liked those games that much. glad to meet everyone else and hope you get to know me more as the days come. and here is some more pica to commemorate how fun Pokemon go is
hi peeps. yeah that attack on titan pika was awesome
hahaha OMG! Attack of Titans combine with Pikachú. And, the Pokemon Go is intense. The kids in my neighbor hood comes at my house lately for a permission to go inside the house yo catch a Pokemon lol
you know I never posted my personal info. I'm male and 34
Hello sir
Hey ctsr-san.
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