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Okay Guys Here goes The Nakama Intro Week Event! [MONDAY]
Well then! My name is ynah2002... I know it sucks I wasn't really in the mood to think of a username so I used my usual, easy username I like anime... very much... I started watching anime when I was 7.. lol pretty young huh? My first Anime is Inuyasha then went to Case Closed and then Naruto and then so on and so on Anyways I'm trying to make a decent description but I'm not really the kind of person who likes to explain alot I'm not really good at explaining guys Anyways its nice to meet people in vingle since sometimes you can relate to them if you know what I mean
Anyways Cya tomorrow Nakama! >w<
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Nice to meet you ynah-san!!!
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Hewwo! It is nice to meet ya toošŸ˜Š
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