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I few silly hours later and you’re falling asleep on Kyungil’s shoulder. He kisses your forehead and picks you up in his arms. As he carries you into his bedroom he throws over his shoulder, “Enjoy the couch!”
“What?!” Can be heard from the other room, followed by good natured ribbing and finally a; “You’re such a whiner, just sleep with me.”
You snuggle deeper into his arms, tucking your head up against his neck.
“Mm, you smell good.” You mumble, your lips tickling up under his ear. You feel the rumble of his chest as he tightens his arms around you.
“You are much too tired to do anything about that comment. Knock it off.”
“Just stating a fact, you always smell good to me; even when you’re sweaty and gross.”
More laughter, “Are you drunk or tired? Maybe it’s the same thing for you.”
“I’m too tired to argue. Just let me appreciate my man.”
“Yes, mam.” He states as he lays you down on his bed. You instantly grab his pillow and pull it over.
“How does this smell like you when you’re never here?”
He shakes his head as he looks at you cuddled up with his pillow. As he pulls your jeans off, he asks, “Are you complaining?”
You faintly shake your head, closer to sleep now that you’re in a comfy bed. Within a few minutes he slides in next to you and pulls a blanket over you two. He tugs at the pillow, to find you have a strong grip on it.
“Fine, if you’d rather snuggle with an imitation when the real thing is right here.” He sounds annoyed but you know he’s teasing. You move your arm and he pulls the pillow free, putting it under his head. He pulls you over close against his side, “So much better.”
You’re awoken the next morning by sounds of arguing coming from the other side of the door. You realize you’re once again snuggling a pillow that smells like him instead of the man himself. Once out of bed, you look around and find your jeans. You poke your head out the door to see a couple of the guys standing in the middle of the room arguing, the rest just sitting around.
“It’s your turn; you need to keep to the schedule.”
“If you’re home, it’s actually your turn since you’re never here to take a turn.”
Heads nod around the room and you can see Gil starting to get frustrated. “You think I don’t do anything at [YN]’s?”
“How do we know? We aren’t there and we aren’t talking about there, we’re talking about here.”
You sigh, roll your eyes, walk past the 2 yr olds fighting and into the kitchen. You take a peek in the fridge. You have no idea what a typical Korean breakfast is and they don’t have ingredients for a typical American one. You shrug; if they’re hungry they’ll eat whatever you place in front of them.
You take out some leftover meat, plate it and shove it in the microwave. You check the rice cooker, yep still plenty. You take out the lettuce leafs and put them on a plate, then start frying eggs. In total it takes you about 7 minutes and when you are done, with everything on the table, you can still hear them in the other room ‘discussing’.
You walk to the door of the kitchen and yell, “Eat now or forever hold your peace!”
All eyes turn towards you and you point at the table where everything is laid out. They all look at the table, at you, and at each other in amazement. You can read the ‘when did she do this?’ on their faces as well as the ‘where did she come from?’.
You walk over and take a seat.
“You boys are as bad as children. You don’t pay attention to anything except what’s directly in front of you. So,” you wave your arms back and forth, “pretty much, each other. I got up, heard you, walked past you – multiple times obviously, and cooked breakfast. If you don’t like it, you can starve, but at least I did something.”
You put your plate together and start eating, ignoring them. Kyungil walks over and sits next to you.
“You didn’t have to do this, it was Yijeong’s chore.”
You roll your eyes at him. “That may be but since all of you were more worried about whose turn it was to cook then actually cooking; I could have starved to death. It's easier to just do it myself and now look, I have food.” You smile smugly as you fold up an egg and shove the whole thing in your mouth. You smile while chewing and making yummy noises in his face. He laughs, kisses your nose and gets his own food to eat.
Your phone buzzes in your pocket; you look down to see a text from Jak.
JAK: Hey, wanna grab some lunch with me?
YOU: Love to. When and where?
You meet up with Jak knowing it will be slightly awkward but knowing this isn’t the first time in your life long friendship. You both ignore the elephant for a bit, chatting about this and that, avoiding the apartment subject. When the server comes to ask if you’d like chopsticks, the two of you respond “Fork”, “Spoon”. You face each other, laugh, start arguing over which is better and just like that, all is forgiven.
You hug her and she huffs, “Don’t hug me, now I’m mad at you about spoons!”
“Okay, be mad at me about spoons; that’s normal.”
You reach over and steal her spoon as she dives for it.
You hand her your fork; “I’ll be you today, you be me.”
She rolls her eyes at you, “I don’t want to be you! Give me back my spoon!”
“Come on, try something different!”
“I don’t like different! Give me my spoon!”
She lunges for it again and you laughingly hold it just out of her reach. She glowers at you and pokes her bottom lip out.
“No! No puppy dog eyes!” You turn your face away and grunt but then turn back and hand her the spoon. “Here take it, you baby.”
She grabs it with a triumphant. “Thank you.”
After a minute she grins over at you, “It’s totally cool that you got an apartment with your promotion. I think I’ll rent my apartment out, better safe than sorry in case something happens with Ji.”
“Thanks, but nothing’s going to happen with you and Ji. He adores you; it’s really obvious to everyone.” You reach over and give her a shoulder squeeze that she accepts this time.
“I hope so, but I was taught to not count my chickens before they hatch. You know my mom, ‘Always be prepared’.” She quotes with her fingers and an irritated look that breaks into a smile. “So tell me, how did you survive the dorm last night?”
Silly boys, wasting time arguing when I'm happily making a quick meal for them. And so glad things are worked out with Jak.
I love it, beautiful as usual!!!