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Nakama Intro Week Day 1 challenge is Who am I? Here are a few things about me myself and my username.
I'm a male and I just turned 24 last month. I love animals! Which explains why I have 3 dogs and 4 kitty cats who all get along together! I'm a gamer, and Sony is my station! I love anime, which is a given, been watching it as long as I can remember. I like reading books, not much Manga some but most my reading material are novels and such. I fight mma professionally so it's kinda like a hobby and a job all in one! I do it cause it keeps me entertained outside of anime! If you want to check that out look me up sometime, Joey Munoz, is my actual name so yeah have at it! As for my username uh well I just came up with it on the spot when I found out about this app and was creating my profile. I picked assasin cause I have always thought it would be so cool to be one. I picked god because I can be a little conceited about myself and view myself as a God! lol yeah but I think any could become a God if they really wanted!
Just a handful of my favorite Waifus! Mikasa and Akatsuki are my two favorite of all! If you wish for a tag let me know I guess. @otakudemon10 So glad @hikaymm has this challenge going on! Looking forward to meeting a few more friends!
@LorettaHon One can never have too many animals around the house! @PASCUASIO No Waifu No Laifu! am I right or am I right! lol thanks hope you enjoy what you see. @SymoneBelcher hiay there! Pleasure to be formally introduced to you all! well as formally as we can online anyway!
@assasingod Never! xD
awesome intro bro!!!! glad to see you are all about the waifus! and anime loving. not gonna lie, I'm a little intrigued at you being a pro mma fighter. I'm definitely gonna look you up. and nice to meet you.
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