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So as some of us who have seen the show inuyasha know that he is the big bad villain in the show...however for a while i've been contemplating...should we possibly thank him.
1. He once was named onigumo who kikyo had taken care of since he was seriously burned.
2. what if kikyo had never taken care of onigumo.
That means He wouldn't have fallen in love with kikyo or wanted her to be corrupted so the sacred jewel would be corrupted as well, which mean inuyasha and kikyo would've still been together.
3. which comes to 3 if inuyasha was never bound to the tree then sadly he would've never met kagome , because kikyo wouldn't have ever been cremated with the sacred jewel.
Also team inuyasha would't ever exist so sango and miroku would've never met and they would've never been together.
i'm explaining it but all i'm trying to say is that is onigumo being crazy, some of our beloved inuyasha couples and bonds, i mean dealing with narku made inuyasha and sesshomaru associate with each other and making them sort of closer to each other.
so i think he should have a little recognition for being crazy.
however i do agree that the lunatic deserved to die.
However when he died i felt kinda bad , because he realized finally at the end that all he wanted was kikyo's love and he said that he couldn't even be with her in death { being she went to heaven and he was going to hell.}....but that still doesn't excuse for his action toward the others.
what doe you guys think? do you feel bad for naraku? Are you glad he made kikyo and inuyasha turn on each other due to his deception?
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I'm just going to add my point real quick, I am the only one out of my friends who feels sad over Naraku ' s death. I felt like all he wanted was Kikyo's love, any form of love really. I'm pretty sure Onigumo was a thief and I think a murderer, someone who grows up to be like that must've grown up in a harsh environment. He was just born with a bad life and had the opportunity to bring his feeling to a whole new level. In a way he was like Inuyasha and just wanted to be loved and excepted. That's all.
@NikkoNikole By watching carefully & paying attention while it happened. 馃槈
@AgentBlackFoxx I see it as both Kikiyo & Naraku "fell prey" (in a sense) to higher dimensional spirit pressures (each for differing reasons) - You had Inuyasha (from the past) hooking up w/ Kagome (from the future). To me, its kind of like a warning tale for girls about learning not to confuse spiritual/transpersonal love with personal love (which is admittedly confusing for everyone these days, I think). You see the pattern pretty clearly (Inuyasha "temps" Kikiyo, Kikiyo & him split - and here's the funny part; I don't think it was Naraku that did it - don't get me wrong, he was all mystical bad@$$ & stuff, but he was never really the type to float around w/o a body & start $h/# w/ people - he did it in person; my bets are on either an echo of Sounga (the sword), or that same entity that possessed Kohaku (most likely the latter, but can't discount the former possibility as Sounga was too much for Inuyasha to handle)
Sorry, got a little off track... lol (the many conspiracy theories embedded in Inuyasha.. lol) But there's a pattern of "flip-flopping" emotionally/spiritually in both Kikiyo & Kagome's relationships. With Kikiyo, it was the split with Inuyasha that made her want to "repent" & heal someone she found despicable (which was repeated again when she took his place in Hell - this obviously means Kikiyo saw something in Onigumo that no one else did) But then Kagome has a similar problem dealing with Koga v. Inuyasha (as well as the boar demon & a few others). She helps both Koga & Inuyasha out of "greater spiritual purpose" (and is careful to guard her feelings with both), but you can see her personal heart leaping about as she either likes or dislikes certain behaviours... 馃槖
My ultimate point is, I bet trying to understand the plot is what pushed Naraku over the edge... 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀