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He is living proof that Perfection exists, okay I know that he wear makeup or dresses 'camp' (as my friends say), but perfection and beauty are not just on the outside... he is perfection because of his purity and humanity. He continually remind us to keep bettering ourselves and puts us first. He works hard and pushes himself, so he can better himself and prove his brilliance. So, that there ladies and gentleman, is the reason Yoongi is my first ultimate bias
This little ray of sunshine is a close contender to Yoongi. I get how hard it must of been for Jackson to come to a strange country and live and work and be away from his parents, but he has shown us strength that is so surprising for someone in his position.... Jackson never feels the need to shy away from showing us his true self, even if he is being completely derpy .... Just seeing him teaching himself new things or learning new things gives me hope that I can do the same, achieve the above and beyond....