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Hi Weirdos!!! My name is Noemi and I'm about to turn 19 in two months. Imma be a senior when I enter to school next month. Love all sports, all anime, I'm very talkative when u really do know me for a long time. I'm a very detail person, is my nature to be very specify and give be specify words or questions. I'm not simple but I'm a random person who trips( all the times, not on propose) and makes ppl laugh lol. My career is to be a Graghic Designer and Illustration, than later to be an architecture person. I may seem lame but I am fun, don't know how to party cause I never been nor invited. Hopefully we can be friends.... That's all I got so laterz✌✌ oh yeah! p.s I love using the letter 'Z' in some words, cause I'm cool like that.
Ok, my username, Mimmibumble, is my top nicknames that family and friends calls me by. Mimmi is my "so called" second named like is my short name for Noemi. Bumble, short for Bumblebee, has story behind it of why my friends and ppl calls me that.(Yes because of the movie of Transformers) So, I put those names together because is a easy way for ppl to look for me, (same name for any socialmedia) and is unique, and because those names makes me feel who I am. :) @hikaymm is like this?
Yellow my weirdo friend! ! Nice to meetcha @AutmnWinds
@MimmiBumble01 yeah pretty much correct there lol. but there can only be one like me or the world will explode. tis truth
hello there peep
@MimmiBumble01 yahohohohoho thank you yet again nakama
Well hello mimmibumble!
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