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Just stepping in for our Mod @Tylor619 atm xD (Very Busy & Tired poor guy xD) Just announcing to anyone doing the Fairy Tail Challenge or Anyone joining in on the fun a little late that...

1.) The Challenge does end on Saturday

2.) BUT you will still be able to finish all of the challenges by Monday!

So remember if you fall behind it's all good as long as you finish by MONDAY!
Remember The Theme's are xD

Support Sunday- Favorite Support Character

Magic Monday- Fav Magic

Teamwork Tuesday- Fav Duo/Group

Who do you ship Wednesday?- Favorite Ships!

Throw down Thursday - Who Would Win (make up a battle) Favorite

Friday- Favorite Character

Sexy Saturday- Who is your Favorite Sexy FT character

So if you haven't joined don't worry you still have time guys! So I hope you guys join and those in it let's keep having fun!


I'm in and caught up! No worries!
I love the expression on Julia's face in the 10th picture
@AimeBolanos I don't understand the question. @OtakuDemon I will look into that. Thank you.
Sunday- Happy, Monday- Dragon slayer magic
@AkiraItuha if you can navigate to the Vingle Community (you should automatically be in it), they've got some helpful tutorials. Hope that's helpful! Shouldn't take long to get the hang of it! 😉
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