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So the ball rolled back to me! Yey So I admit this is kinda funny both sarah and I talk about driving skills, sadly were pretty much dissing our own driving skills. I'm okay with that lol It's more entertaining that way. (I swear in real life . . . no I'm exactly how I describe Jenni to be lol) Anyway if you haven't read part 6 by @SarahVanDorn Here is a link to it! ---> Part 6 Now onto the story!
As the four of them got into the car Jenni and Namjoon sat in the back seat, Kooki took the wheel and Sarah sat shot gun. “I feel like I’m the safest driver in this car and I’m not the one driving” Jenni said from her spot. Sarah burst out laughing. “What?” Jenni stared at her friend. “I have never gotten in a car accident and I have never hit an animal” She shot at her friend. “Yea instead you zip around, slam on your breaks and take corners on 2 wheels” Sarah pointed out all her flaws. “You drive a motorcycle?” Namjoon looked at Jenni confused. A look of horror crossed her face. “If that girl ever rides a motorcycle I’m just gonna say, I refuse to take care of her after she gets out of the hospital” Sarah said. “Sarah!” Jenni whined. “It’s okay I’d make him take care of me” She changed routes and said in a childish voice pointing to Namjoon. “How did I get that responsibility?” He questioned confused making her laugh. “You put the idea in her head!” Sarah accused. “I’m sorry. I was confused” Namjoon said flustered. It made Jenni laugh. “It’s okay. The first time I did it and sarah screeched at the top of her lungs that I was on two wheels I was confused too” Jenni confessed. “That’s not a good comparison” Sarah pointed out. “Yes. it is. I was confused than by the comment as he is confused now by the comment” Jenni explained. “Okay okay moving on! Kooki!” Sarah turned to look at the driver. “Where are you taking us?” she asked. “By the way, Kooki you are doing pretty good with driving” Jenni commented. “You’ve never hit anyone have you?” she asked straight forwards. “Uh, no” he took his eyes off the road to turn to look at her. “Eye’s on the road dude” Namjoon said making Kooki look straight again. “Well that’s a good thing.” She nodded. “Ever consider playing the game?” she asked. “What game?” he questioned. “Jenni. No. That was way back in the day!” Sarah knew exactly what Jenni was talking about. “But it was fun, wasn’t it?” Jenni laughed. “When we were 16 yea” she nodded. “Jenni is talking about putting a price on people’s heads” Sarah explained. “The how much game. Where you see a person crossing the street and they make it so easy to hit them that you put a price on them. So say that person walking across the street. He’s worth 100 points but that girl waiting at the sign is worth 25 since she’s being safe” Jenni explained. “I don’t want you ever teaching anyone how to drive” Sarah shot out. “I can safely say I have never and will never play that game” kookie said. “Oh really” Jenni smiled. “That’s good. Be a good boy and stay a safe driver!” she commended him. “Thanks,” he said questionably. “So now that’s over, where are we going?” Sarah questioned poking Kookie in the cheek. “It’s a surprise Sarah. You’ll find out when we get there” Kooki grinned. “Okay do you know where we are going?” Sarah asked turning to Namjoon. “Yes but it’s a surprise” Namjoon smiled. Kooki turned into a parking lot and than a couple minutes later was parked in a spot. “Oh that was fast” Sarah said. “Food?” Jenni questioned. “No” Namjoon said. “Awe” She sighed. Omo, Jenni Jenni” Sarah was excited about something and before she could say it out loud she had gotten out of the car and was running to something. “Kooki” Jenni paused after saying his name. “I feel like I’m asking to eat a kooki” Jenni commented than shook her head. “Nevermind, anyway you better run after her. I don’t know where we are yet but if I know her, she’ll be long gone if you wait” Jenni told him. With a nod he got out of the car and than Jenni and Namjoon did as well. The scenery in front of her was amazing. The park was filled with cherry blossom trees and a path that wound it’s way through the tree’s. There was few people in the park at this early of a morning, in fact the sun had started to peak out just a couple minutes before they left the station. “Do you like it?” Namjoon questioned leaning down a little so he had his head resting on Jenni’s shoulder. She resisted the urge to turn and look at him. “It’s pretty here. I pass by here sometimes but never stop to enjoy it.” She said. “How did you guys find it?” “I saw it as we were driving to the station and thought to bring you here” Namjoon said. “Awe that’s sweet” Jenni said. “Oh look Kooki finally caught up with Sarah” Jenni pointed ahead of them. “Guess so” he nodded his head against her shoulder. “Comfy?” she questioned finally turning not helping it, it was natural reflex to look at the person she was talking to. “Yes” he said. “I can’t walk like this” Jenni stated. “That’s okay. This is a good spot” he told her. “Okay” She drew out the word. “I have a question for you.” “Ask away” he urged her. “Why are we acting like we’ve known each other for ages when it’s been like a day and a half?” She questioned which made him chuckle. His arms went around her waist and enveloped her body. This felt natural but awkward at the same time. “Probably because we bonded and got along when we met” he stated. “Really?” Jenni said sarcastically which earned her a chuckle out of him. “Okay. Truthfully. You give off this energetic vibe that I like. I just got comfortable with you right away” he said. “So instant friendship” she said her face inches from his. The look he gave was one of disappointment. “Friendship is a good place to start” She said defensively. “What are you two doing?” Sarah said coming to an abrupt halt right in front of the pair. “Talking” Jenni said. “What about you two?” she asked. “I ran through the park” she stated. “Wild child” Jenni threw out there at her friend making her laugh. “Are you two going to go off on your own or are we all walking together?” Jenni asked. “I don’t know. But Jenni the cherry blossoms are falling over there” She pointed behind her. “I think this is the first time I’ve seen it look so pretty” she added. “That’s because the one and only time we did come to see them fall was at night when it was dark” Jenni laughed. “So I’m gonna go sit over there on the bench, you guys can run around” She pointed to a bench under a couple trees. “You are so not fun” Sarah whined. “I’m sleepy! I got two hours of sleep last night. That’s considered a long nap” Jenni shot back. “Hah, I got my five hour’s. Unlike you I didn’t watch drama’s all night long” Sarah laughed. “Oh my god. One night you don’t when I do” She did jazz hands. “Shocking” Than she looked over at Kooki. “But no really I’m being serious. This girl is as committed to her drama’s as I am” She said completely serious. “Well okay than” Kookie nodded. “I’ll sit with you” Namjoon said as Jenni started to head off. “Sure” She said yawning. Taking a seat Namjoon sat next to her and her head instantly went to lean against his houlder. “How much sleep did you get?” She asked even as her eyes shut. “I haven’t gotten any sleep yet” he answered. “Your just as bad as I am” She gave a chuckle. “We ended up listening to your early morning show so we were up” he commented. “I noticed. As you called in and talked about socks with us” she said. “Yep, And you can steal my socks any time you want” he said making her chuckle again. “I don’t think I’ll fit” she wiggled her feet. “I have tiny feet.” “Than you won’t be stealing my socks” he laughed. “Nope, but if I ever do take anything from your room it would be your shirts” she laughed. “I like my shirts” he said. “If your going to steal anybody’s clothing it would be kookie’s. He has a closet full of white shirts. He wouldn’t even notice if a bunch went missing..” “Omg don’t give me idea’s” Her eyes opened to look out into the scenery and saw Kooki and Sarah walking around. “I may give that idea to Sarah though” she said. “Would she do it?” he questioned. “If the oppritunity came she would” Jenni said closing her eyes again. “Ah I’m going to nod off here like this” she warned him. “That’s okay” he said. He started talking a little bit more, but as Jenni warned she had fallen asleep, her head still resting on his shoulder.
Okay everyone! Hi! So I ended it on a slow note. I was having a little bit of trouble with how to end this chapter. There's not as much fun going around but then again I had to remember that yes, this was still supposed to be as 6 in the morning. Now I'll throw the ball back to Sarah! It's your turn! Tell me tell me, what are Sarah and Kooki gonna be doing in the park? I want to know! lol
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@SarahVanDorn lol I know my friend so well. I was gonna mention you were gonna want to tell what sarah and kooki were doing but hadn't wanted to push you in that direction. lol granted I knew you would. 😂
yay!!! I'm so excited to write what's going on with kookie and sarah...since Jenni just had to fall asleep....also so true I would take off running when I saw the cherry blossoms...someone woukd have to stop me lol.