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Konnichiwa! My name is Hannahlee or at least that what they call me, that or Hannah. I'm almost 19, just 20 days to go. I'm a Leo by birth but not by personality. I haven't been watching anime very long I started watching it when I was sixteen and in the last three years my variety of tv has lessened and lessened and now all I watch is anime. I also play video games, read lots of manga, do almost every type of art and, occasionally read books. I'm in my second year of community college, studying art and foreign languages. I think im going to try a job working for a national air travel agency as a flight attendant. I want to see the whole world so seems like a good job for that. I'm sarcastic, bubbly, love cats to an insane extreme, and I don't really know what else there is to say about myself. I'm an identical twin, yes we look pretty much the same. I also have two older brothers, one is 18yrs older than me so we're not that close, the other is 5yrs older he's also the one who introduced me to anime. I am so grateful to my Onii-chan for making my life so much better ^^ otaku for life <3 My favorite anime genres that I tend to watch the most are action comedy and horror. I'm not a huge fan of romance anime there a little to mushy for me I also find PDA to have that same mushyness that makes me think "oh please end this quickly" although occasionally I'm in the mood for mushy but very rarely xD. That about sums me up I think. . . . I'm also one of the supporters for the One Piece community I'm the Archeologist, nice to meet you ^^
The story behind my username is really boring but I'll tell you. When I started watching anime I was using my brothers netflix account and kept watching farther ahead of him, he got annoyed because he forgot where he was in the anime, so out of frustration he made a netflix account for me and named it HunnaBallue with the cut happy alien icon; it just stuck with me I've liked it ever sense I don't know why really, it just suits me somehow xD that's my story hope you enjoyed ^^
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@HunnaBallue oh god yes, the feels and what not
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@MimmiBumble01 Thank you ^^ I don't even realize how straightforward I am xD I love One Piece too, although when I was really little I didn't understand it xD I thought it was a weird cartoon my brother liked lol xD Now I know better ^^
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@nimm14 Yeah it can be super intense xD
a year ago·Reply
Well... see u in the challenge @HunnaBallue I for sure want to be friends with u :) laterz
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@MimmiBumble01 Sounds good ^^
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