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Who am I I am a 17 year old 5'8 not tall who loves to work out while watching anime lol might sound weird to you guys the way I described it, I love to watch anime Especially Fairy Tail (Ship NALU).
My favorite Mage from Fairy Tail is Natsu the way he cares for his friends and guild members I would describe my self being like Natsu loving and caring. Ps. I am trying to look like Natsu that's why I work out 😂 T^T (o^^o)
Here is how I look like IRL (I know I need to clean the Glass (^◇^)😂) o did I also mention I wanna cosplay Natsu
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HHHHIIiIiIiIiIiIiIiIiIiI @SymoneBelcher (≧∇≦)
Yo FT fan girl over here!!! So HIIIIII! Chat with me whenever u want ok :)
Ok will do @MimmiBumble01 (*^^*)
@AutmnWinds Sorry I didn't reply back soon enough, I was charging my phone and I was away from it. (。-_-。) (T ^ T)
@mauriciorobles Its otay😊