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Hello Beau-ties!
Nana here for a DIY of the latest nail trends, its so easy you can try it as long you have the correct things & tools! I will be showing you how to do a simple Mani without even spending a lot of money. But first let me explain you all where this nail trend started from! Yes we need to learn its nail history and who what the creator of it so be patient beau's!
While Long Nails and dealing with Acrylic Nails and the pain afterwards taking those off its horrible. Other than that let's talk about this Korean trend that's going on the runways this style originally came from the shadow nail trend also known to as a cuticle art or cuticle tattoos. This trend comes out of Korea from none other than manicurist Eun Kyung Park. This trend involves nail art or stickers being placed below the nail and on the cuticle itself, and gives the illusion of longer nails without the hassle.
You can follow Eun Kyung Park on:
SNAPCHAT (nail_unistella)
If you want to find these decals Eun Kyung Park has her own line of nail decals!

MODI Unistella

Alright back to the good part did you guys like the little history class? lol I hope so... Anyways what got me inspired I was searching for "Trendy Korean Nails 2016" on google and found that picture of her I was like who's the creator I started going throughout articles and finally found her name then I found her social media! This picture really inspired me to do this DIY for you all, it might not be the same but like always Nana does it her own way lol so lets get to it!
Alright so what you are going to need is the following,
1. Nail Polish (Chiffon)- Jordana (or any color)
2. Its So Easy (Clear) - For Rhinestones Only<(it doesn't work for rhinestones tbh)
4. Nail Tape (Color: White & Silver)
6.Medium & Small Rhinestones (Colors: Silver & Black)
7. Eyebrow Scissors
8. Eyebrow Tweezers
you can buy them (Target or Walmart) anywhere actually at your drugstore near you.
Note: You can do it on your natural nails they'll look even more prettier!

Step #1

We are going to start off with Painting your nails with This chiffon color by Jordana #986 its a really nice color more like a light nude color or a better way to describe this a Sandy color. Once you're finished painting all your nails you'll have to wait for them to dry out
you can also buy a UV lap for really cheap! ill leave you guys a link down below. (i have one!)

Step #2

The Nail Decals you can find these online or you can go to the dollar tree and buy that paper that is for wrapping fruit baskets, they have a variety of colors.
1. Once you open the package you cut out a small size square. From there you will start cutting edges to create the Broken Glass Effect on your nail!

Step #3

Once that is done!
1. you will apply a coat of clear nail polish before placing the paper with the Circled pen tool (to grab the paper put a drop of the clear nail polish onto a piece of paper and grab a little bit of clear nail polish on the tip of the circled pen tool)
2. Once you're done with that you will apply the Rhinestones clear nail polish as a top coat (apply 2 coats or 3 if needed)

Frequent questions asked:

Why cant i use clear nail polish?
My answer for you all is that every time I have used clear nail polish the rainbow effect that paper has it instantly disappears. That's one of the reasons why this nail polish that I have has been doing its job, plus it drys out really fast and it gives you a clean finish no edges!
The only CON bout this nail polish it says its for rhinestones (no its not! that same day the rhinestones fall)

Step #3

1. Grab the Nail tape and cut it with the eyebrow scissors.
2. With the scissors carefully apply it to your nail ( do not add clear nail polish before you apply the nail tape, because it will add lumps when you apply the tape it will look ugly)
3. once you applied the tape on make sure to cut off the edges of the tape from your nail.
4. From there you will add 2 coats of clear nail polish

Step #4

1. For the rhinestones make sure to use the glue for acrylics add a little dot of glue onto your nail. (do not use clear hail polish or else they will totally fall off)
2. grab the eyebrow tweezers and grab the rhinestones and apply it on the nail ( do this fast because the glue tends to dry out really fast)
Do this to which ever nail add one medium silver and for the small black rhinestones add two for a shadow look, Add one small black rhinestone to one finger.
3. Lastly apply clear nail polish around the rhinestones (do not apply nail polish on top of the rhinestone or else it wont shine)

Final Results!

Alright ladies this was my first DIY if you guys would like to get tagged on these DIY's let us know by adding a comment down below! also we'd love to see you guys try these DIY's do a card and tag us! (who knows we will feature you in our KBeauty section *wink wink*
This is it for today my Beau's
It was fun doing this card!
Hasta La Vista Beau's~
Le Muah- Nana
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Ahhh this looks so cool. But sadly I'm way too lazy to go buy that stuff..... So.... I'm out of luck.