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DAY 20 - Anime character that gets on your nerves?

Kikyo from Inuyasha!


There are many reasons why Kikyo got on my nerves...
I'll start off with the #1 fact that she is constantly getting in the way of Kagome and Inuyasha love life and wont leave Inuyasha alone. She is either getting revenge towards him or flirting. It's really makes me irritated. She is always bringing up the past, how Inuyasha betrayed her and when Kagome is around she brings up how she is Inuyasha's 1st love just to make her jealous. But then I start to despise her because she made Inuyasha suffer being pinned to a tree for years until Kagome helps him down. She made Inuyasha sound like the bad guy and said that he tried to kill her but it was really Naraku's doing since the beginning!
Just looking at her makes me furious because of how she treats everyone. She walks around as if she is alive but in reality she is a dead corpse walking around with people's souls inside of her to help her keep her form and walk around as if she is alive. Yes, I wasn't a fan of Kikyo and she was always pissing me off but at the end of the day when she almost died once. I bawled and when she actually finally left in the final act. I cried harder and still yelled at my screen, telling Inuyasha "STOP KISSING HER, KAGOME IS WATCHING!" It made me really sad but in my heart I couldn't hate Kikyo because she was Inuyasha's first love as he stated when she was getting ready to disappear. She is someone who irritates me to the core but I cant hate her.

I encourage all of you to do this challenge along with me, or just say in the comments what anime character gets on YOUR nerves!

Let Me Know! ^.^~
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True very true @biancadanica98
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Thank you. I mean I feel for her honestly but then she be playing games like a fox. I literally hated her for that time she had kagome tied up and invisible and forced her to watch her and Inuyasha reminisce and kiss. I was so sad and angry. Like that was so dark but I also understand why she became that way. *sigh* she always confused my feelings.
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@littlemaryk Agreed, she confused all of us.
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This is the way I feel about Kikyo all summed up 馃憤
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