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Welp there isn't much for me to say but I'll try my best. Anyways today is Nakama Intro Week day 1 and for day one is who your are and why did you choose your name. Well i guess I'll start with my age, I'm a 15 year old girl that has 3 older half brothers and a step brother on my dad side of the family and one older have sister on my mom side of the family, and I also have one little bro. (Big family ik) eheh well um anyways im a high school student heading over to my sophomore year and happy that I'll be leaving the school that hates me after I finish that year. Um I'm very very awkward when it comes to talking to people, people usually have to talk to me first before I will ever talk to them. My dream is to become a musician and help other kids that suffer from depression, anxiety, abuse ect. Because I suffer from depression and anxiety, so I know it's not easy to over come it. Um I like people way to easily but that doesn't mean I trust them, having been stabbed in the back over and over does that to you. Uh I also love to sing, dance and draw it really helps put my mind at ease.
Um let's see, the reason for my name... It's actually pretty simple, Kage was a name I used in one of my fanfictions that I wrote on wattpad, and tsuki was the same way. Kage means shadow in Japanese and tsuki means moon in the urban dictionary, so yea shadow moon kinda fits me, the numbers 040910 are just months, 04 being my month, 09 being my best guy friend's month and 10 for my best girl friend's month. I treasure those two with all my heart and I hope I can be friends with them for a long time.
@KageTsuki040910 Nice to meet'cha too!!
@KageTsuki040910 hmmm looks like you broke your cycle of being talked to first, isn't this place wonderful it creates a friendly environment that let's you be you :D WELCOME Tsuki-san your fellow NAKAMA AWAIT!
Nice intro Tsuki-san!
You are awesome😊
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