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In a lot of Korean restaurants, you are given a menu and you check off what you want.

If you can't read Korean, its a little terrifying!

For the menu below, the first row says:

김밥 - Kimbap!

분식 - Snacky food? Hard to translate but its like ramen, ddeokbokki, and small noodle dishes


식사류 - Meals


I know its tiny, but which words can you recognize?

What would you order?!

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When u can read but not understand...
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I'm so proud of myself. I was able to read most of them and knew what a lot of them were. I'm traveling to Korea in October and seeing this makes me so excited! Thank you @kpopandkimchi
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I'm actually quite proud I can actually recognize most of these
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Words I recognize: sushi, kimchi sushi, cheese sushi, Korean beef sushi, salad sushi, nude sushi, beef dumplings, kimchi dumplings, cold noodles, stir fry cold noodles, ramen, rice cake ramen, kimchi ramen, cheese ramen, dumpling ramen, rice cakes, cheese rice cakes, and stir fry rice and veggies. What I would order: salad sushi, and ramen.
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Ooooffff that's horrifying!!! I need to practice my Korean cx
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