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The Terrifying Act of Ordering Korean Food

In a lot of Korean restaurants, you are given a menu and you check off what you want.

If you can't read Korean, its a little terrifying!

For the menu below, the first row says:

김밥 - Kimbap!

분식 - Snacky food? Hard to translate but its like ramen, ddeokbokki, and small noodle dishes


식사류 - Meals


I know its tiny, but which words can you recognize?

What would you order?!

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Thanx to u @kpopandkimchi, I can read almost all of the menu & recognise a majority of them!!!
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When u can read but not understand...
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Ooooffff that's horrifying!!! I need to practice my Korean cx
a year ago·Reply
I can't read or speak Korean😅
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When I went to Seoul, I totally just pointed at things that looked good! Everyone was so nice about it, too. I'm sure I mispronounced the only two Korean words I knew, but the people in the restaurants (and everywhere else we went) thought we were amazing:) So, I'm not sure what I ate, but it was all delicious!
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