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Okay back with my next one shot starring BaemBaem of Got7! I saw a funny photo of BaemBaem which made me write this one shot, so enjoy my fellow vinglers!
Smut Fluff For mature readers only Freaky kinky Nasty scenes Graphic fan fiction Scroll down at your own risk
Steamy one shot with Baem Baem BaemBaem's POV BaemBaem was at rehearsal with the other members of Got7 and they were all exhausted from dancing. The managers dismissed them and they all went back to the dorms. As they were relaxing and making themselves comfortable, BaemBaem went to his room, packed a bag full of workout clothes, swim trunks, and towels. He also packed some liquids for his body. When he was done packing, he went to the gym. When he got there, he signed in, went to the locker rooms, changed into his workout clothes, and well, he worked out for 3 hours. When he was done, he went back to the locker rooms, and got his phone out. Reader's POV You were in your apartment in your living room with the tv off and you were playing games on your phone until BaemBaem sent you a text. "Hey girl!" BaemBaem wrote to you "Hi baby!" You replied. "Meet me at the gym in the steam room." He wrote back. "Okay! Can I kiss you?" You wrote to him. "Yes, but I know something better." He replied back. "Alright. I'll pack a bag and meet you at the gym. Ok?" You texted him. "Okay baby! I'll wait for you!" He replied. "Thanks oppa! I'll be there soon!" You wrote back. "Later girl!" BaemBaem wrote. "Later boy!" You replied. After you texted him, you went to your room and packed a bag with workout clothes, a one piece swimsuit, towels, and liquids for your body. Once you were done packing, you grabbed your car keys and your apartment keys and went to the gym. As you got to the gym, you signed in, went to the locker rooms and got changed. After you got changed you texted BaemBaem. BaemBaem's POV As BaemBaem was waiting for you to get to the gym, he was in the locker room until he got your text. "BaemBaem, I'm here. I'll meet you in the steam room." You wrote him. "Okay, I'll be there!" He replied. He then went to the steam room wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. Once he got to the steam room, he sat down. Reader's POV After you got BaemBaem's reply, you went to the steam room as well wearing nothing but a towel above your boobs. Once you got to the steam room, you sat down next to BaemBaem and put your arms up above the higher sitting area and moved your head back. There were other men in the steam room other than BaemBaem so once you moved your head back you exhaled silently to your self and the other men walked out after you exhaled. After the men left, you then moved closer to BaemBaem and you wrapped your arm around his neck and leaned your head on his shoulder. He then kissed your head and you turned your head and looked at his eyes. You put your hand on his other shoulder farthest from you and you leaned your head in closer to his head until your foreheads were touching, then your noses, then before you knew it, your lips, and you two were kissing each other slowly and softly. While you two were kissing, he moved his hand to your head and ran his fingers through your hair and you wrapped your arms around his neck and you both stood up and pulled each other closer by the waist and you both pulled each others towels off as you bent your knees and he groped your butt until you both were laying down on the floor with him hovering over you as he was on top of you (both your chests were touching) kissing you until he kissed your neck and you two rolled over until you were hovering over him and you were kissing his neck and you were grinding your hips on his pelvic bone until he slipped his dick inside your hole. Then you two started kissing each other on the lips as you moved your pelvic bone up and down while still having your chests touch. You two were making love to each other like this until both ran out of oxygen so he slid his dick out of your hole and you rolled to the left of him so he was laying to the right of you and you were laying down to the left of him. After you both caught your breaths, you stood up, grabbed your towels and wrapped them around yourselves. You both started walking towards the locker rooms, put your clothes back on and went home.
I hoped you liked it! Please suggest me another idol! Also if you live in the Dallas area and are going to the SHINee concert in Grand Prairie, let me know as I need a ride! My mom wants me to meet up with friends here and I don't want her to wait in the car or outside the theater during the concert, so if you're going, let me know please! My mom doesn't want me to go alone!
@CrookedShadow not really. On an episode of after school club they asked the boys to show the body pert they were most confident in and BamBam put a hand on his well you know and said oh I can not show you that
@gabbycalzada Whoa! I need to watch that episode now!! I didn't know BamBam was that frisky!! cx
But but! He's so innocent!!!!
@MaggieHolm mmmmmm nope
@gabbycalzada yes! Would you like to suggest someone?
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