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Ahhhh! If that happened I 1) be surprised 2) scream/squel ultimately fangirl 3) say hello and say I really like them (duh) 4) can't believe my eyes and think I'm dreaming What would you do?
wake up cause i know it aint true
Take a moment to pause and digest what I'm seeing, close the window and reopen it, and if their still there, ask if they are real and if so, be shocked and ask why they are outside my window and if their cold and want something to drink or eat, I'm a very chill person and my reactions are minimum to none when I'm not around my friends.😅😶😬
It looks like they came to invite me on their morning run. I'd join them of course! 5 minutes in, I'd probably injure myself somehow, and then we'd all go get coffee and eat unhealthy pastries :P
Hang out with those chill angels
I would go ask someone if they are really there or if I'm imagining things
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