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LOL. Your turn!
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I lose my memory and wake up next to Seven that sounds good to me ^-^
3 years ago·Reply
i get into a love triangle with JUNG YONG HWA and JANG GEUN SEUK!!! not bad :)
3 years ago·Reply
@scarletmermaid mine sounds like lovable girl or whatever ..... Get into car accident with rain. I was one away from my man chelle!!!! Wae?!? Instead I'm reenacting the stupidest car accident ever.
3 years ago·Reply
at least you didnt get into a love triangle with lee seung gi (who?) and kim bum (who??) I was one away from jeremy!!! and sungyeol isn't even on this list!! neither is kim woo bin! or Enrique!
3 years ago·Reply
visit jeju island with so ji sub 😊
3 years ago·Reply