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So basically, a girl and her friends were in the car on a roadtrip when she decided to take some funny slow-motion video of herself with her phone.

And then, well, a bee happens.

Has anything ridiculous ever happened to you when you were goofing off in the car?

I remember one time I was rocking out to music with the windows rolled down and a fly flew into my face. That was fun. That was tons of fun.
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@deleana31 A bee flying past her face!
@deleana31 Are you afraid of bees?
nah when a bee comes up around me i just tell it to go on its way that i dont have anything for it... now wasps, hornets, yellowjackets..... im terrified of cause i am allergic to them... what about u?
@deleana31 I just try to act casual and try not to do anything stupid because I know that the bee will come bother me if I'm scared.