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Hello Vingle :) I go by the unique name of Arminda. I am 27 yrs old going on 16 but I try to adult when I can. I am currently a nanny because I’m a child at heart. I enjoy my job very much, especially when I nanny older kids and we watch anime together and play video games. I'm basically the cool older sister who will play Minecraft with you and discuss Naruto. I have a Bachelor of Arts with a lovely major in English because I enjoy writing and one day hope to write a novel that will be worth the read. Currently though, I only write fanfiction and may actually post one online one of these days. Last but not least, I am singer/songwriter. I have been singing since I was a little girl and music has always been my passion.
Lately, I have been combining the forces of my obsession with anime and singing and have been recording songs inspired by my favorite anime characters. I want to give these characters a voice and it gives me a chance to really tune in with them. And its been working. I have by far written some of the best songs personally. Soon, I also plan on booted up the old youtube channel, (that’s right at one point I used to do covers where I would sing at the camera and sometimes even dress the part. Feel free to look me up: missmindy) and post some AMV’s to go along with my songs.
I also enjoy reading, eating ice cream, gaming and cosplaying. I am currently working on a GGO Kirito cosplay for the next Con in my town. This will be my first attempt though of sewing my own cosplay...sooo wish me luck >.<
Reason for my screenname? If you are my age then you remember AOL’s AIM and how cool it was to be on constantly. Basically, it was texting on the computer before...well texting. It was called instant messaging and everyone was doing it and everyone had a screen name. At the time, I had a huge crush on a guy who’s screen name was DarknessXela...and well it sort of inspired me for what I would display as my own sn. Plus I liked to lay in my backyard and stargaze at night when I was a teen. So I came up with Midnitestar42. Yeah I was totally trying to be crafty and catch his eye...but you wanna know something? It actually worked ;)
So the screen name has stuck with me for over a decade now and I can’t get rid of it.
Looking forward to getting to know more people on here :)
@MimmiBumble01 posted on fanfiction.net for now :) and its on my tumblr: marmecharms :) Ill try to post it to wattpad as well. Its an assassination classroom fanfic.
@MimmiBumble01 yea I do :)) gonna post one soon I think
hey, do u really really really enjoy writing fanfiction? @Midnitestar421
@midnitestar421 I like that anime
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