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Nakama Intro Week
I am 17 and i'm an artist and writer. i got into anime when i was really young because of inuyasha and i kinda stuck with it afterwards. i also really like kpop groups such as BTS, EXO, NCT, Shinee, and IKON. i'm painfully shy but once you get to know me i talk alot . The reason i choose my name? Nikko Nicole is my name for the books im going to publish so, i kind of just made it my vingle name
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@NikkoNikole loved reading this!!! Like you I'm an artist and I want to publish my own book (a manga series!) I love how you got your name!! That gave me an awesome idea for my new username!! Can't wait to read your other cards for the rest of the week!!!
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thank you, and yours too @tayhar18920
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