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Imagine Yixing getting ready for "fun time" ;) on your wedding night....
He would be nervous but excited. He would make sure the mood was right and probably be super romantic. He would check his breath and scent constantly and pray it wasn't too bad. The bed would be covered in rose petals and surrounded by candles. To get further in the mood he would also have strawberries and chocolate which he would hand feed. He would probably be giving dirty looks now since he's a little more comfortable. It wouldn't be long before he was all over you, stroking your hair and nibbling on your ear. He wouldn't kiss you though, teasing you with butterfly kisses all over your body. It wasn't until you start moaning his name that he would give you the gift of his lips. If you call him Oppa he wouldn't be against that either and would probably get more excited. Despite his eagerness he would always have your well-being first. He would make sure to make you feel pleasured before himself. When things start to get a little more heated it would definitely be something that you would never forget. He would be slow at first, making sure you were alright. The pace would quicken as you both are enveloped by the pleasure. All the while he'll be whispering in your ear, telling you to say his name and complimenting you on how beautiful you look right now under him. At the climax he would probably stare right in your eyes and whisper I love you as he kissed you through both of your orgasms.