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HELLO My Lovely Candies!!

My name is Merry and I'm going to share information on this beautiful person Takuya Terada!!!

Takuya Terada

Age: 24
Birthday: March 18, 1992
Born in: Japan
Occupaton: Actor, Singer, and Model
Instruments: Guitar and Piano
Active: 2011-present
- He’s Japanese, which surprised me, because when I first saw him it was in his role “The Lover” he spoke Korean like a native and I thought he was Korean.
- He joined Japanese entertainment label Amuse for acting and transferred to the Korean branch in 2010 to be involoved in CROSS GENE..And we are grateful he did, Cross Gene couldn’t be without him.
- He debuted with the group on June 7, 2012 as the leader and vocalist, later he transfers the leadership to Shin. But when they are in Japan he takes the role as leader.
- He filmed a movie ZEDD with other CROSS GENE members, you should rea`lly check it out because it’s good. And it’s not just because of CROSS GENE, the message behind the story is a good message and lately with things going on the way they are lately it can make you feel better. Well it for me anyway. 
- He’s been on some variety shows, Let’s Go Dream Team Season 2, Non-Summit which is very enjoyable, just to name a couple. He is also appearing in Cook Represenative this year.
When I saw him of course I fell for his beautiful eyes. And his voice it's really soothing for me..I love it. And then his beautiful smile ♡♡♡
In his drama "The Lover" I swear his aegyo is over kill in this show, he is one of the few idols that are aegyo kings. I almost died every time I saw him ♡♡♡
I hope you enjoyed my card. CROSS GENE is one of my UB groups I love them, their music is upbeat, and makes you want to dance. So please if you don't know them check them out trust me you wont regret it.
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