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Everyone has been talking about Moon River and Spexial so much I decided to watch Moon River! I just finished the first episode and I'm so glad the series is complete. Otherwise, it would be a pain to wait for the next episode. For those of you who enjoy watching school-theme drama such as To the Beautiful You or Boys Over Flower, you will enjoy this.

The storyline:

Moon River (明若曉溪) is the polar opposite of Han Yori Dango. The heroine/Martial arts winner transferred to an elite university and accidentally got herself into a fight with the most popular boy squad in school.

My impression:

From the vibe of the first episode, It is refreshing and simple. I have a big feeling the rich girls at school will feel threatened by her presence and set up some expulsion in the next couple of episode. Despite the resemblance to Hana Yori Dango, I hope this drama does not disappoint with cliche such as amnesia or fairytale cinderella ending.

Here's the trailer!

Opening Theme Song:

Spexial - Subtle Love (愛這種離譜感覺 )

The opening song is very upbeat. I can see why some of you like this group. They are very energetic and talented.

Ending Theme Song:

Pets Tseng (曾沛慈) - Season of Rain (雨季)

First of all, it's a lovely ending theme. Second, I can't believe the heroine from the drama sang this song. She has an angelic voice despite her tomboyish role!
Tagging some friends who enjoys watching Taiwanese drama! :
@cindystran Yea, I did feel bad for him but I hated that he was always beating up the main lead. It made me sad. True that, she is very Frank!
@biancadanica98 Overall yes. I kind of felt bad for the ex bf though but other than that it was a unique drama. The female lead is frank and I like that!
@cindystran WOW, that is a coin. Did you like it? I Loved it! Besides the female lead cried a lot but it's understandable because of what she went through...
yay I'm glad ur liking it so far! This was the very first Taiwanese drama I ever watched that got me hooked on the whole genre. ^_^
@cindystran thank you ^-^
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