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Hi, I'm @BelleofRay and I got into Vingle from my friend. We both live Fairy Tail and she told me that this app had great pics, and some fanfics, of our favorite FT ships and more. Since then, this app has opened my eyes to several anime and mangas I never knew about or were unsure of.
I was involved more in the Marvel/Supernatural part of Vingle than the anime/manga side, but now I've been exploring more anime/manga. I got into anime once I hit high school, but my older brother was being mean about it. After a hiatus, I got back into anime as I was leaving high school for college.
My username is a silly way of putting my nickname with a possible nickname of my middle name. I did it that way because some people have such cool usernames, which made me secretly obsessed with coming up with a cool username of my own.
Pleased to meet you!!
Yay more fairy tail fans! Cx
Fairy Tail fan over here too!!! Just shouting it out loud for no reason :)