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So, as some of you might know, I own a dachshund. Like pugs, this breed has a reputation of being IMPOSSIBLE to train.

Despite being a little difficult, I was able to train her to some extent. When she lived with me, if you said 'toy', for example, she'd bring you her chewtoy. If you said 'walk', she'd run to the door. Or if you said 'foodies', she'd run to her dog bowl.
Unfortunately, now my sister owns her and is kind of a troll, so she likes teaching my dog how to react to really random words. Now instead of 'walk', you have to say "Do you have to take a shit?" to get her to do anything. Thank you, older sister. Thanks.

How about you guys? Was your dog hard to train? Can your dog do tricks or have any random words they've learned?

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@SarahRegulski Omggg, that would be me if I was a dog. The world is a scary place tbh.
@JessicaChaney THAT IS SO CUTE. What kind of breed was he?
@danidee she's a tumblrer send a pintrester
@RazChaosRender Ohhh but this kind of has that feel too, doesn't it?
idk what breed he is, but my dog Oliver has a trick I taught him when I was bored: I'll hold out my arms, say "come on Oli" & he jumps up. usually half of him is over my shoulder and I get hit in the face with his tail. 🤣