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Breach & Clear is a squad strategy game for iOS. Players create their own custom 4 man squads, assign classes, equip gear, customize weapons, and so on. Individual soldiers’ stats can be manipulated, and their equipment swapped around, to better suit their class. Then it’s on to the next mission: carefully positioning each squad member, making full use of their talents, keeping each other covered, and trying to clear each room as quickly and efficiently as possible. Player and AI turns in Breach & Clear happen simultaneously, which means players will have to plan their movements carefully. Assigning waypoints, changing soldier facing, taking cover, using skills, and everything else that can (and will) come up in a mission is smooth and surprisingly simple. mistakes can be undone move-by-move, and nothing is set until the turn is submitted. In between missions there are also tons of tweaks that can be made to the squad’s loadout; including weapon attachments, camo patterns, one-time use items, and more. It’s a fantastic combination of turn-based strategy and team-based tactical shooter that absolutely shout not be missed. You can download the game in the following links: Breach & Clear (iPhone) http://is.gd/fD0yH1 This game is not available on Android.