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Konnichiwa! My name is BrookeVerel, though I actually changed my username just recently to BrookeKohaku21, but I'll tell you reasons for both. Brooke is my first name and Verel is my last name. Then I changed it to BrookeKohaku21, it still has my first name, but the name after it is a main character of mine that I'm always coming up with ideas for, and 21 is just the general age I put him at. I'm an aspiring mangaka artist and an big lover of anime, animals and food. I'm a very nice person so I'm not really judgmental, and I try to do my best at being supportive. If you guys have anymore questions feel free to ask, but if I find the question too personal I won't respond so please respect the fact that I have boundaries. Sayonara!
@BrookeKohaku21 I know the Feeling. My own didn't get Past the first chapter as the other people dropped off from the project. Trying to fly solo with it but just single panels take forever.
@GuacheSuede Well I have started doing some of my manga long ago but I'm kinda on hiatus right now. I can try getting back into it.
Have you done any of your own comics? you should share them if you have.