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Intro day 1 hello! my name is betsy but I actually do go by my nickname here "miichi" . when I was little i had a lot of hair (still do) but was always a mess, so my family called me " meche" which is spanish for someone with messy hair etc. As an adult that loves anime I changed the name to miichi because it sounded more kawaii =) coincidently michi means crazy in korean which is where I live lol so I'm crazy?

today I'm Bulma =) I love anime since I was about 12 or younger... one of my first anime was Inuyasha, full metal alchemist and desert punk. I love playing games and cosplay too.. xbox : miichi
I have watched many anime since! I'm currently in love with many so I can't choose a favorite one, however... I always prefer to cosplay older anime characters such as Ranma, inuyasha, tekken etc Bulma is my latest cosplay.
If you like to check out more my insta is miichi_7 =) I'm also the moderator for travel south Korea so I stay pretty busy. ever since I joined vingle I have a running series of forgotten anime, check it out! http://www.vingle.net/posts/1173203?asrc=copylink @hikaymm @moisesgaray
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