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How Is This Even Possible?!
So I found this meme just now and had to go find out how this happened. I figured the headline was probably Photoshopped, but it actually wasn't. A woman actually stabbed her husband with a squirrel!

According to reports, a man came home on Christmas Eve without the beer he promised his wife, so she was grabbed a ceramic squirrel decoration and attacked him with it.

And for the record, this was South Carolina. NOT Florida. So for all you Floridians who thought that YET AGAIN someone has come to tarnish their home state's reputation, you can all rest easy tonight.

Has anyone else heard some weird news stories lately?

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@yukigintokie Whoever made the meme was wrong anyway because it happened in South Carolina!
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I know it's really stupid and illegal But I would pay to watch that happen
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@LeInternet Me too. Where's the YouTube?
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if anything, I would expect something alone the lines of 'Man found burnt to death by sun' here in Florida... especially where I live... at least 4 1/2 hours from any beach. 馃槄馃槯
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