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HELLO!!! Nice to meet you all!

Who am I? And why is my username @TakamiRen?

HI!!! I'm a teenage girl who likes anime and manga, and would someday like to play video games (my parents are strict so I don't have any video games). But Anyways, I really don't have much interesting things in my life, well maybe I like to draw and all but yeah....But I do like talking alot to people. Though I might be a lil awkward sometimes I do like talking. And if u want a nice friend, and u want to talk to someone, shoot me a message and I will try to text back everyday Though many people may not know me, I do do one or two post here and there lol Anywho on with the next question shall we! I got my name pretty randomly. I was just making an account for league of legends and I kinda wanted to find a Japanese sort of name to stick onto forever and that's how I got my username. I know such a interesting story, lol. But I did have a different name before this which was my real name but that's only for ppl who knew me before to know ~~~~ Tags (idk who to tag but these are the only ppl who I know have tagged me so far so if u want to be tagged in some of my post, just tell me :D): @tayhar18920 @kazam98 @hanetama @OtakuDemon10 And yeah that's about it, if u wanna be tagged that would be great cuz look at that little list lol
Thanks for the tag!! And I loved reading this!! Can't wait to see your other cards!!
@arnelli lol yay
@arnelli Ikr, can I tag u in it ^_^
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