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Things I know:

1. The beat it great

2. The music video is...what?

The English lyrics didn't clear anything up at all...

Usually there is some clue in the lyrics but NOPE. If anything it made it weirder since I'm pretty sure Fire Truck is some kind of innuendo...
And if it IS a sexual innuendo why the hell are there little kids in it. I'm so confused.

Any ideas?

I've seen some people say that they're "protecting the girl until she gets old" but that seems like a streeeeetch.

Watch it yourself!

They're protecting the girl as she grows older. They're like guardian angels sent to protect her. They protect her from all her worries and heard times. SM confirmed this.
Anonym On July 8, the creators of the confounding MV stepped up to clarify the real meaning behind the odd storyline! According to SM Entertainment, the main character (the little girl) is protected by the 7 members throughout the MV, as if they are her guardian angels who show up to 'turn off' the girl's troubles with their fire hose. NCT 127 appear whenever she's put in a dangerous situation. In addition, scenes capturing NCT 127 spraying water are meant to portray the cool and refreshing concept to combat the hot summer.
well i was chatting with some amigos. i feel thus song is about not being boring or staying the same. The video shows middle class white suburban life probably in the 50's you know a long time ago lol. Middle class life is baaically in the middle "luke warm" not hot or cold. Middle class structure is bulit on working. Baaically to achieve this social position one must work a boring 9 to 5 job Mon-Friday. This would create a boring safe life. No thrills no heat just the same old ish. Translation lyrics "Don’t be shy (like this) Lukewarm atmosphere no thanks My burning shaking backseat After burning we get it all clear" This baaically supports what i just said above. The fire truck represents thrill....adventure and heat. Not a stale "lukewarm atmosphere". The life of a fire fighter can be seen as a job thats hot and full of adventure not the same old routine. Plus the water spraying could represent washing away the boring life style and causing change. The water also has to be cold again "not lukewarm" to quickly put out a fire. so in a nutshell don't be the cookie cutter boring image. Live life full of adventure don't just settle for average.
I have no idea chief. XD I was wondering the same.
it's supposedly about stress like the water is all your stress Getting washed away or something like that
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