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Alrighty so Xiumin won this week.…now what kind of story is it???? Lets read and find out.
“Thanks for today I really needed it.” “Well that’s what friends are for. I still say I can beat him up for you.” “No he’s not worth it.” He pulled into my driveway. “But you shouldn’t be hurt; I should have done a better job as your friend to protect you.” “Xiumin, it’s really ok. I’m better now. I promise you I’ll be fine by tomorrow.” I unbuckled myself and opened the door. “Text me when you get home ok?” I said sliding out of his car. “Ok. Bye (Y/N)" “Bye!” I shut the door and walked to my front door. I put the key in the lock and turned to look at Xiumin one more time. I waved to him then walked into the house. I shut the door and leaned up against it. I slowly slid down to the floor. I should have known what was going on. I started crying just remembering what had happened a few hours back.


“Are you sure you don’t want me to take you over there?” Xiumin asked “I’m sure, I want to surprise him.” I smiled and said goodbye to Xiumin and walked towards my boyfriend’s house. It wasn’t that far from where we were hanging out. I got there in a few minutes and walked up to the door. I knocked on the door and waited. No one answered but I could hear music coming from his room so I knew he was there, maybe he just couldn’t hear me knocking. I turned the knob and the door opened. I walked in and walked straight to his room. I was about to turn the knob when the music stopped and I froze. There was another voice. I knew that voice anywhere. She was giggling and they were talking about things they wanted to do to each other. I didn’t do the smart thing and I just flung the door open. They both looked at me. He was shocked that I was there while she was smirking. “What the hell!” I said rather calmly. “(Y/n) its not what it looks like.” He said “Ha right, it doesn’t look like my boyfriend isn’t cheating on me, hell my ears must be broken as well from what I heard.” “Yes dearie that is exactly what is going on here he is cheating on you because you don’t put out.” “Is that really the reason?” I asked trying to hold the tears in. “I… I like you but I have needs, how long did you want me to wait for you to want to have sex with me?” “You’re an Asshole! I hope you love those diseases you’re gonna get from her.” I yelled and walked out of his place. I walked back to where I left Xiumin hoping he would still be there. Thankfully he was and when he saw me he had to of known something was up because he ran over to me so fast and hugged me. “What happened?” “He’s a cheater!” And that caused me to break down and start crying. I hugged him tighter and didn’t want to let go. We stayed like that for a bit before he took me to our special place.


Why did I have this feeling that I needed to go see Jack? I knew he hurt me but I just needed to see if I had affected him at all. I wiped my face and walked back out the door it had been several hours so maybe he realized what he did. I walked over to his house. It took me longer because I was very slowly walking and I kept on debating if I should just turn around and go back. I didn’t need to see him anymore. The thing is I needed someone with me. I needed the distraction and being alone made it too hard on me. I could hear screaming as I got closer to Jack’s house. I started running when I saw Xiumin’s car. I knew what he was doing. I bust through the door and saw Jack on the floor with blood coming out of his mouth. “Xiumin!” He turned “What are you doing here?” He asked “It doesn’t matter I told you not to do this.” I grabbed his arm and pulled him back with me. “That jerk has to pay for what he did to you!” “Just stop it already. I hate seeing you like this over me! I’m just a friend, I’ll get over him I promised you that. Ok. “ “(Y/N)” “No let’s go.” I pulled him to his car and pushed him to get in. He got in and started it and I hoped in the passenger side. “Why did you come here?” he asked again “I don’t know, I just wanted to see if he had any reaction to me finding out.” “Trust me he was more scared when I showed up, he knew he screwed up then.” “Can you promise me you’ll go back home after you drop me off?” I didn’t want to worry about him. “Sure I’ll go home I promise.” He said pulling into my driveway again for the second time tonight. "Come on first s I can fix your cheek ok." "I can handle this on my own." He touched his cheek. "Come on I'll fix you up then you can leave." I reached over and turned his car off and took a keys and jumped out. "Well I have no choice now." He smiled and followed. After a few minutes of finding everything and cleaning his cut I sent him on his way. I walked out to his car with him. “Ok if I find out you went back to finish him off I’m going to stop being your friend.” “Fine I don’t want to lose you so I won’t go back to finish what I started.” He smiled “Bye Xiumin." He waved and I went back inside. I watched him this time to make sure he went towards his own house and not the opposite direction. I went and switched into my pjs and then put a movie in and sat on the couch. I would have to figure something out. I can’t keep having feelings for Xiumin like this. It keeps making me so desperate for someone that I don’t even care who they are as long as they ask me. I’ve gone through 3 other boyfriends because I didn’t carefully pick them. I finished the movie and there was a knock at the door. I walked to it and opened it. “(Y/N) I’m soooooo Sooorrrryyy I looooove yoooouuuuu” jack said trying to come close to me. I pushed him away. “Did you drink?” “Yes ….I’m sorrryyyyy, please cooommmee back to meeeee” he slurred his words “No Jack it’s done, I don’t want someone like you.” I pushed him a little farther out of my door way then slammed the door shut. “You’re a bitch! Xiumin will never love yoouuuuuu” he screamed pounding on my door. "You aren't easy enough for him to waste his time with you" he continued screaming. I quickly text Xiumin to come help me. I don’t know if he was still up but I hoped he was. Thankfully I was up against the door when a rock came flying through my window. “You know I’m the besssst!” he screamed again. “Fuck “he left the porch and I thought he was leaving but within a second another rock went through another window. I dialed 911, it was taking Xiumin too long so he had to be asleep. I told the police what was going on and then stayed on the phone with them until they showed up. They kept telling me to stay calm. Which I was doing really well at staying calm. “(Y/N)” that sound like Xiumin. “Oh look the pretty boy showed up to the rescue.” Jack said “Get the hell out of here.” Xiumin said and then there was grunting and other noises then the sirens were getting closer. “One of my friends is out there trying to get the guy to leave.” I said into the phone. I knew what was going to happen once the cops got here. I flew the door opened and ran out to grab Xiumin. I somehow got him to let go of Jack and pulled him inside and shut the door. The police pulled up and put Jack in the back of their car. "Are you ok?" he asked pushing some of my hair out of my face. "Yea, how are you?" i looked to see if there was any marks added, there wasnt any more. After they had mafe sure Jack was gone they came and asked both of us questions and thankfully just left after a little bit. “I’m sorry for calling you, I didn’t know who else to call.” “Well you did the smart thing and called the cops as well.” “Yea just too slow.” I walked him to his car and he got in and rolled down the window. “Go inside, once you’re inside I’ll leave.” I leaned in and kissed his cheek. “Thanks, I’m such a needy friend.” I laughed and started to walk away. I got onto my porch and turned around to wave like I normally did then walked in and shut the door and turned off the light. He still sat there in my driveway. I knew he was just worried about me, but I wished just a little bit that he was thinking about me in a different light, I had never kissed him before. I don’t even know why I did it. He sat there for a few minutes then he got out of the car. He walked towards my door then stopped and turned around to go back his car, but he stopped again and turned back. He got to the steps then stopped again. He was really having a battle over this. I put my hand on the doorknob ready to open the door. He then took a few steps and was about to knock on the door and I pulled it open. “Xiumin.” I said quietly “Please don’t hate me.” He said and before I could say anything he closed the distance between us and kissed me. He had one hand on my face cupping my cheek and the other was on my back pulling me closer to him. I closed my eyes and kissed him back while pulling him inside. He kicked the door shut and then pushed me up against the wall. We broke apart to take a breath. “I’m sorry I couldn’t hold back anymore.” “What do you mean?” “I’ve liked you for a while, the main reason I became friends with you was so I could get closer to you and then ask you out, but you kept going for other guys so I figured I was friend zoned.” “I was using those guys as distractions, I thought you didn’t see me more than a friend.” I smiled. “Well now that we have that cleared up….Will you be my girlfriend?” “Of Course I will.” I smiled and kissed his lips again. Today was a messy day but at least it ended on a good note.
Alrighty now voting starts for next week's story. voting will close Sat 5pm CST (Chicago area) The choices are: Chanyeol Lay Tao Kris Sehun Suho Baekhyun Luhan Chen D.O Kai Story types: Fluff Angst Smut
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Tao Fluff!~~~ ☺️
chanyeol fluff or D.O. smut
@JadeOwens yes I'll add you to the tag list
voting for this has ended.... voting will start again on Monday on the one shot that gets posted
that was so sweet