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Dragon Slayer Magic hands down! There is no question if I could pick any magic it would be Dragon Slayer! (Rune Magic coming in second)
Magic strong enough to turn even a cute, sweet little 12-year-old into a bad ass! What other option is there? πŸ˜„
I'd prefer to be either 1st or 3rd Gen so I can train with a dragon....Though after the feels trip that caused maybe a lacrima would be fine...

1st Choice: πŸ”©πŸ”§

I'd want one that's easy to use anywhere so of the Slayer magics, my first choice would be Iron Dragon Slayer Magic like Gajeel! Someone gives me crap at school, take a bite out of their desk leg or locker, some one gives me crap in life, take a bite out of their car! I'd probably be Phantom Lord Gajeel, but oh well! 😈

2nd Choice:πŸ’¨

Air Dragon Slayer! They think I'm sucking in air to yell at them or cry, Ha! Nope! I'm powering up!

3rd Choice: β˜€οΈπŸŒŸ

Light Dragon Slayer! I'd be unstoppable on the wrestling mat with all the lights they have on! πŸ˜†

4th: πŸŒ‘

Shadow Dragon Slayer! "I swear Sutton was here a second ago?" *in their shadow trolling*


Lightning Dragon Slayer! I can just suck the electricity out of the place right?


Fire Dragon Slayer! Just go to local gas station for a lighter! Mother: "Have you started smoking?!" Me: *smirk* "Watch this." *has to buy mother new house*


Poison Dragon Slayer! I love Cobra to death and he's my second favorite Slayer, but let's face it. It'd be a b*tch to find poison let alone carry it around so Poison is my last resort. πŸ˜” Sorry Cobra!
little Wendy is 13 now and my adopted daughter
Good thing I was browsing, cause I almost missed this card πŸ‘€
which one was it though you got me all curious
@JustinCuellar never mind. You've been there. I feel like a dork. Hehheh πŸ˜…
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