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For cat owners, it's pretty common to think about what your feline friend would be like if they could talk to you.

Would they be sweet? Would they be snobby? Would they be supportive and ready with advice when you were having a bad day?
Cat owner Amanda Boerste created a hilarious online series called Texts From My Cats that imagines what her three cats - Jackson, Mittens, and Buster - would be like if they were able to text you just like any other member of the family.

So what WOULD cats be like?

Well, for starters...

They'd probably leverage information for food.

And get jealous just like some crazy ex.

You'd find out why they really destroy your stuff.

Or when they knocked something off the shelf.

Your neutered cat might have a few insecurities.

And, like a true BFF, they remember EVERYTHING.

They would share all kinds of weird thoughts.

And fight with you over the REAL purpose of Christmas decorations.

They'd even articulate all those box-sitting cravings.

So what do you guys think?

Would having cats that talk be tons of fun? Or do you think not being able to communicate is a blessing in disguise?

Let me know in the comments below!
@Arnelli My hero. <3
@arnelli *we're
@danidee WOOOO
@danidee she hides when anyone is around....... but they get a kick out of the videos. if she catches me video recording her, she gets very upset! it's hilarious!!!!!!
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